Never create a ‘Alert me’ hyperlink for Search Alerts in SharePoint

Today a customer had a problem with Search Alerts in SharePoint 2016.

You know problem 1 with organizations and intranets: People don’t read the news on your corporate intranet. So the IT manager (no not the marketingmanager this time) needs a hyperlink on the newspage where users can take a daily or weekly alert on the news.

They are using Search webparts for showing the news. The default ‘alert me’ link is on the bottom of the page so someone made a hyperlink to this page on top of the Newspage. The link was working but no one received an email.

I opened the Schedsubscriptions table in the contentdatabase.  (More information about this table)
In the properties I found a difference between the alerts created with the default  ‘alert me’ link and the hyperlink they copied and created at the top of the page. The Search query wasn’t included in the properties so the alert was working but never found any results.

So never create a hyperlink to the ‘Alert me’ page in SharePoint!


Properties for a search alert in SharePoint 2016:

<miscellaneous><property name=”siteurl” value=”https://xxxxx” /><property name=”p_query” value=”&lt;Query Culture=&quot;nl-NL&quot; EnableStemming=&quot;True&quot; EnablePhonetic=&quot;False&quot; EnableNicknames=&quot;False&quot; IgnoreAllNoiseQuery=&quot;True&quot; SummaryLength=&quot;180&quot; MaxSnippetLength=&quot;180&quot; DesiredSnippetLength=&quot;90&quot; KeywordInclusion=&quot;0&quot; QueryText=&quot;&quot; QueryTemplate=&quot;ContentTypeId:0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*&quot; TrimDuplicates=&quot;False&quot; Site=&quot;xxxxxxxx&quot; Web=&quot;xxxxxx&quot; KeywordType=&quot;True&quot; HiddenConstraints=&quot;&quot; /&gt;” /><property name=”useridentity” value=”xxxxxxxxx” /><property name=”p_lastnotificationtime” value=”2018-03-09T17:09:05″ /><property name=”sendurlinsms” value=”False” /></miscellaneous>

When creating a hyperlink to the ‘alert me’ page the search result has only the following properties:
<miscellaneous><property name=”useridentity” value=”xxxxxxxxx” /><property name=”siteurl” value=”https://xxxx” /><property name=”sendurlinsms” value=”False” /></miscellaneous>




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