101 reasons why SharePoint 2019 Modern is not a good idea

Migrating your SharePoint farm to Modern sites in SharePoint 2019 has some nice advantages, but also al lot of disadvantages. Going to the cloud takes away a lot of this disadvantages but if that’s not an option (yet) maybe you can still use the classic mode or a combination of classic sites and modern sites.

Someone asked me this week: Give me one good reason why ‘Modern sites’ in combination with SharePoint 2019 (On Prem) is not a good idea? Give me 10 minutes and I’ll give you 101 reasons I said 🙂

So why is ‘Modern’ in combination with SharePoint On Premise not a good idea?


1.      Patching your SharePoint servers every month is a lot of work;

2.      You need redundant servers for zero downtime patching;

3.      You have to do al lot of steps for zero downtime patching;

4.      No reliable roadmap for SharePoint On Prem;

5.      Not clear how much versions of SharePoint On Prem will follow;

6.      You are a year behind with your SharePoint functionalities;

7.      You need Backup Restore software, antivirus and procedures;

8.      You need load balancing and multifactor authentication;

9.      You need a Infra/SharePoint specialist and a SQL DBA’er;

10.  You are missing all the apps and integration options in Office 365;

11.  You are missing all the security and compliance options in Office 365;

12.  Sharing content with external users is not easy and a lot of work;

13.  Most of all, you are missing the integration with Teams;

Modern sites

14.  You can only choose for a communication site or a team site template

15.  Not possible to switch between sites templates;

16.  No record center, document center, blogsites etc. in modern;

17.  No Hub sites so every site has his own branding;

18.  No presence information in modern sites anymore;

Site settings

19.  All the settings on your site are a mixture of classic and modern pages;

20.  Site permissions doesn’t give you all the options so you have to click on ‘advanced’ for the classic screen with all the options;

21.  Not possible to change the option to send an email in the modern site permissions screen;

22.  Site settings pages are still classic pages with other navigation options etc.;

23.  Some classic features like the publishing feature gives an error on modern sites but are still available;

24.  Not possible to go directly to the site settings page, only through the Site properties;


25.  No Hub sites so no central top navigation;

26.  No megamenu options or anything you can configure;

27.  Not possible to add a Quick Launch menu on the left side on a communication site;

28.  On a communication site the top navigation is in fact the Quick Launch horizontal so be careful when using PowerShell, change the right menu.

29.  On a team site the Quick Launch is on the left side and the top navigation at the top;

30.  The top navigation on a Team site looks different than on a communication site;

31.  No audience targeting in navigation;

32.  The waffle has only two apps and users don’t understand the use of the waffle;

33.  Custom Tiles in the Waffle are possible with PowerShell but the ClearSuiteLinksCache() command is not possible on modern pages so you need a classic site to see the changes immediately or wait 24 hour;


34.  No vertical sections on a page possible;

35.  No custom themes or branding possibilities;

36.  No custom CSS options;

37.  Only one, two or three columns possible;

38.  No migration options from publishing pages to modern pages;

39.  Not possible to create page layouts or web part zones;

40.  You only have three page layouts options when creating a page from another site page;

41.  The comments option in a page is default on;

42.  You can only turn the comments options off when editing the page, not when you create the page for the first time;

43.  The ‘New’ button on the page is not configurable;

44.  Not possible to change the name in de URL when creating a page;

45.  You always have to click the ‘promoting page’ screen away when you first publish a page;

46.  Header image height is not configurable;

47.  No (java)scripts allowed on pages;

48.  No delete option on a modern page;

49.  Scheduling news is not possible;

50.  Not possible to see the difference between normal modern pages and news pages;

Lists and libraries

51.  Wiki pages, calendars, tasks etc. are still in classic mode;

52.  Some options from the classic ribbon are not available in the modern options;

53.  No Picture library (default);

54.  You can only see thumbnails of images in explorer view (in Internet Explorer);

55.  New list/library gives you no option for choosing a type of list/library;

56.  Explorer view is only working in Internet Explorer but it’s not a stable browser for editing modern pages;

57.  Not possible to hide all the sharing options;

58.  No modern workflow options;

59.  You still need the classic list settings page for advanced options for list;

60.  No row-based formatting;

61.  Managed metadata navigation configuration is not possible anymore;


62.  For removing a column you have to click on ‘+’ and ‘Apply’ on top of the tool pane (not handy);

63.  When changing a view on the page you have to click on ‘save as’ for saving the current view;

64.  You still need the classic ‘edit view’ page for the advanced options;

65.  Some options in the ‘edit view’ doesn’t work anymore (selections, styling, totals etc.);

Web parts

66.  Using 75 classic web parts not possible anymore in modern sites;

67.  You only have a small selection of the web parts available in SharePoint Online;

68.  You can’t hide web parts from the list (for example Stream web part);

69.  No thumbnails when inserting an image from the site on a page;

70.  You don’t have a flexible Search Query webpart with all the query options;

71.  The modern web parts don’t have many configuration options;

72.  The web part for embedding code doesn’t work for video in libraries (only YouTube) so you can only create a hyperlink (in a text webpart or multiple text column) to a video file;

73.  When you use a document library web part for video files, they are not opening in the browser;

74.  In a link web part you can’t choose PDF files for example from a site library. So you have to copy paste the URL to PDF files;

75.  In a link web part you can only choose two layout options and only in the small one you can sort your links;

76.  Text editor in text web part is not user friendly;

77.  Changing or removing hyperlinks in text is not easy;

78.  Not possible to add an image in a text area or table in a text area;

79.  No wiki links or options in pages possible;

80.  Adding web parts doesn’t always work very stable in Internet Explorer. You have to save the pages sometimes before you can see the web part screen;

81.  You’re missing al the standard tool pane options for webparts, like width, height;

82.  Not possible to connect web parts or use filters;

83.  Web parts with long lists and using a ‘Group by’ gives sometimes script errors;

84.  No audience targeting in web parts;

85.  Hero webpart is missing some functionalities;

86.  No hub sites so also no aggregation of news in a hub;

87.  No hub sites so also nog aggregation of calendar items in a hub;


88.  You need a separate server for Office Online (for previews and editing in browser)

89.  PDF conversion is not working out of the box and not configurable;

90.  No previews of all the different filetypes;

91.  No modern Document sets possible;


92.  Modern Search box is not configurable

93.  Modern Search page is not configurable;

94.  Modern Search results page is missing all the refinement and advanced options;

95.  Not possible to link from a modern search box on your homepage to a classic search center;

96.  Not possible to link from the modern search results to a classic search center;

97.  No Navigation on the search result page (only back);

98.  No Search options above a list or list web part;

99.  No hub sites so no searching in hub;

100.  Most of the search settings are not working in modern search pages;

 And last but not least:

101 If you think that this migration is expensive, you need to do one or more migrations after this one if you’re not going to the cloud 😉


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